Jinming Zhong

‘Nomadic Butterflies and Intellectual Properties From the Long Walk of Steven and Poppy, Including Streets, Songs and Flying Cigarette’ is a thirteen-hours movie, presents real-time events from May 12th 7:30pm to May 13th 8:30am, 2017. It focus on two characters, Chinese art student Steven and Chinese American Poppy, as they meet in the airport and spend the night together exploring New York City, talking about their detailed experience and perspective on love and life.

I’m interested in investigating and demystifying the ‘cinematic form’ as a mode of representation and this film is shot by iPhone and with natural lighting with my intention to depart from over commercialized ‘cinematic effects’. I attempt to construct a spontaneous and organic live-action film, filled with actors’ improvisations. And the duration is trying to identify the inherent conversations between film and traditional form — how the traditions happen and continue. It’s my formal experiment of the materiality of film, make it possible to break down the continuum of the film into autonomous scenes or tableaux. 


Jinming Zhong is an artist who works in filmmaking, screenwriting and photography. She was born in Sichuan, China. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature: Screenwriting from Beijing Film Academy in 2015. She worked as screenwriter and film creator for mainstream movies and televisions. She also produced and directed independent short films in Beijing. Jinming moved to New York City in 2015, she has extended her practice on experimental films and analog photography and she featured at the Pingyao International of Photography. Jinming is a 2017 MFA candidate in the Photography and Related Media program at Parsons School of Design. 


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