Mengting Zhou

Mengting’s work often restored as an ongoing process of exploration, discovery, and research the invisible barrier among people of different social classes. Such intangible isolation is considered as the psychological distance between people. In Zhou's work, be it human portraits or city landscapes, there is always a deep undercurrent of feeling, which makes most pictures neither vivid nor visually impacting at the first glance. However, standing in front of the works, the work tries to prove that in reality, such isolation is also a sense of security with self-defense.


Mengting (Matilda) Zhou is a Chinese visual artist base on New York. Her work presents a diversity and complexity thanks to the use of different media such as film, digital photography,video and installation. Mengting’s work was featured in group exhibitions at the Pingyao International Photography Festival and at Place M Gallery, Tokyo Japan,Citybird Gallery,New York, Japan Kobe Biennale, Kobe, Japan,etc.


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Installation View