Christian padron

How do we mask pain?

Tendencies toward denial, withdrawal, and self-isolation are common in reaction to deeply felt emotional pain, especially for black men at this current time. I not only felt suffocated by this reality, but also from the cacophony of negative imagery surrounding the black body. How do we cope? And how is the image reclaimed in our own authentic reality?

I am fascinated in nuanced ways of communicating this isolation and how the solidarity of black people has continued to transcend circumstance through a shared history. In my current work, Where Do We Go From Here, I a expand upon the language of film and sound to debunk stereotypes and create new definitions of black manhood that include emotional responses to trauma and pain. 


Christian Padron is an American artist and filmmaker working in New York. His previous work includes the experimental film Kasserian Ingera, which was selected in the celebrated exhibition A Foothold on the Rocks, a group show of new work that reflects the enduring artistic contributions of Jacob and Gwendolyn Knight Lawrence.  Most recently, his photography work was featured in the 2017 Aperture Campaign for Black Male Achievement.  Christian is a 2017 MFA candidate in the Photography and Related Media program at Parsons School of Design. 


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Installation View of Where Do We Go From Here, 2017

Scales (2017) 16mm Still Frames

Where Do We Go From Here (2017), 16mm Single Channel