Michael DiFeo

Michael DiFeo uses the clandestine history of our government as a medium and then politicizes it. Steeped in research, he explores the aesthetics of redaction and secrecy using official declassified documents as raw materials for collage and animation.  He is interested in illuminating this parallel clandestine history and speculating about what is yet to be discovered.


Michael DiFeo is an interdisciplinary artist, his work incorporates photography, animation, sound, and video. DiFeo has exhibited at, The Hermitage Museum in Russia, Photoville NYC, Pingyao International Photography festival in China, and Photo Auckland in New Zealand. He has also exhibited in several Bruce High Quality exhibitions, participated in the Jersey City Artist Studio tour, as well as the Billboard Art Project in a number of US cities. As part of the Black Maria Film festival he presented the audio piece “The PATH I take” at Art House Productions. DiFeo is a 2017 MFA candidate in the Photography and Related Media program at Parsons School of Design.

Website: http://www.mikedifeo.com

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"Castro Hunt"

"Trump-Russia Dossier" (Across)

"Infestation of the Sole" - five photocopies of a Cold-War era shoe transmitter

TITLE REDACTED (Above), 1:51 min, continuous loop, Video Still